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The UK Life Insurance Brokerage Story:

Originally founded around the start of the millennium & against the background of the credit crunch & financial turmoil by entrepreneur Martyn Spencer Financial Adviser.

As a helpful person who goes the extra mile for his clients, he saw a gap in the market for an internet based UK ‘Life Insurance Brokerage’. A proposition where people could compare broker quotes online but then access professional advice over the phone.

Specialists in giving professional ‘broker for life insurance’ guidance & in arranging all aspects of Insurance Protection for Peace of Mind.

Since then, we have developed into helping cover customers looking for most aspects of financial services – from insuring your life & health, cover for home & work, to advice on mortgage finance & loans.

Today, Uk Life Insurance Quotes are still a family run business and leading comparison website. Over a million people have quoted for life insurance via our website since its inception.

Life Insurance brokers UK

Martyn has worked in the finance business for over 30+ years. Back in the late 80’s, 90’s & Noughties, he worked for several leading Blue Chip Companies.

These included experience with Nat West, Abbey Life, Eagle Star, Axa Equity & Law, Royal Sun Alliance & Friends Life groups – arranging £££ millions of pounds worth of life insurance policies for clients in their own homes or businesses.

Clients Testimonial & ‘Client Reviews’

broker testimonials
Clients Testimonial | Uk Life Insurance Quotes

These are below some kind clients testimonial & review client feedback we have had over the previous period. We take pride in offering our professional Life Insurance Broker services….

“Fantastic service. Questions answered. Not pushy.” John from Helston

“Have you found all the Staff to be knowledgeable and helpful in your Business Dealings? Yes Excellent”. David from Abingdon

“We would like to thank you for providing us with the Information necessary to make decisions on Insurance Products to ensure we & our Family are protected.” Alan from Glasgow

“How helpful did you find the sales support staff? Yes Excellent”. Dorcas from Clarkston

“I just wanted to thank you for calling me back this week and for spending a significant amount of time with me on the phone. You provided exactly the kind of help and advice that I needed. Many thanks for your patience and persistence”. Jo from Shepherds Bush

“The whole service is very personalised & bespoke, which made me feel like I was getting exactly the right cover for my circumstances. At no point felt like I was being “sold” insurance, I was being thoroughly advised with all options being analysed”. Josh from Norfolk

“Do you feel that the Advisor understood your Financial Requirements? Yes Excellent”. Carl & Gayda from Middlesex

My partner and I had an extremely positive experience of using this service. Our advisor Martyn was very friendly and thorough and more than happy to answer our questions and explain different elements of cover in detail”. Owen from Cardiff

“No question is a silly question, fantastic in depth knowledge and happy to go the extra mile to make sure every aspect of the policy is understood”. Joachim from Norwich

“We feel completely satisfied with our new life insurance policy and very well informed of every aspect of our new cover. We wouldn’t hesitate to get in touch again with any questions or updates regarding our policy. Thank you!” Megan from Llandaf

Martyn was very thorough and pro-active making the process seamless and straight forward. We would certainly not hesitate in recommending his services” Mark & Kristel from Bourne End

Let’s now look at ‘what is Insurance Brokers’ and 7 reasons to use a life insurance consultant. Then, a brief background as to what happened to the Industry over last few decades & some famous iconic brand names…that just disappeared.

What are Insurance Brokers?

What are Insurance Brokers? = Best explained as Qualified Professionals who act as an Intermediary between a Customer & the Insurance Company.

We can help you find your ideal insurance policy, after conducting suitable research that then best suits your needs. It is not just about selling any insurance policy. For an insurance broker what is important is providing a professional service to those clients looking for our honest impartial advice.

Note: The quality of that professional advice however, always relates to the quality of information you also give us ie; It’s a 2-way relationship chatting with your life insurance consultants.

Most Price comparison sites are an excellent tool in the 2020’s, however as you probably not an expert in the insurance field, the onus generally is on you to then decide what you think maybe best for you. So let a life insurance broker uk based take that strain away.

So here are 7 reasons to use “Life Insurance Brokers”…

UK Life Insurance Brokerage | Professional Life Insurance Brokers
* source thesaurus plus

UK Life Insurance Quote 7 Reasons to use a ‘Life Insurance Broker’

1] Use a UK Life Insurance Broker or ‘Go Direct’?

A “Life Insurance Broker” is your ideal option if you truly want to compare the marketplace, rather than go to 1 provider. Often ‘Go Direct Providers’ may offer more basic protection products to sell to their client base and without advice ie; makes it easier for them to just offer a pared down range, rather than an independent life insurance broker or life insurance consultant.

A best life insurance broker uk based however can access many Life Insurers full range of plans and with personalised advice leading to your ideal solution.

2] Your Most Expensive Purchase?

Life Insurance could be the most costly purchase you ever make, outside of property ? We believe it therefore makes sense to seek fully qualified FCA ‘broker life insurance’ help, particularly if you are looking to successfully insure yourself for perhaps £¼million, £½ million or £1 million.

This fully advised process should also come with a well documented report as to the ‘Reasons Why’ a particular insurers policy, amounts of cover & term was recommended. Would you buy a house without also getting a solicitor or surveyor to check over your purchase for peace of mind?

3] Health Issues = High or Lower Costs?

It is increasingly common for us to find people with personal or family health issues that Life Insurers class as a higher risk eg; Heart conditions or raised BMI. However, each Insurer may view your ‘health issue’ differently. So one Insurer may ‘medically rate’ the premiums for say raised blood pressure or cholesterol, whereas another may possibly accept your policy at standard rate price.

A regulated ‘life insurance broker uk’ could potentially save you time & money here by liaising direct with the Insurance underwriters to find your ideal underwritten insurance policy. They can then access the market as a whole life insurance broker.

4] Cheaper to get Life Insurance via Broker or Bank?

Most Banks or Building societies are usually tied to 1 Insurer for their Life Insurance products eg; Barclays & TSB Bank have used Legal & General.

NatWest only use AIG. Lloyds Bank own Scottish Widows. They may charge extra for their Life Insurers products by adding on ‘their margin’.

Often their product range is limited against a whole of market broker deal. Or they may just offering you a Free Gift incentive.

Also with many banks now cutting their many local branch offices & going online, restricting access to their life insurance brokers in my area.

Some Bank providers could increase costs or decline you if you have any Health Issues via their one ‘chosen Insurer’. Whereas if you find a life insurance broker they may shop around to maybe get you a deal at a more affordable price.

Note: these above single tie arrangement bank deals can often change their single tie life insurance providers.

'Life Insurance Broker' UK
Best Life Insurance Brokers near me

5] Technical ‘Key Facts’ Jargon?

Often life Insurance policies come with 20+ pages of technical & legal jargon that you may probably not understand.

  • Should your new policy be convertible or renewable?
  • Does it include waiver of premium and if so is it own occupation?
  • Could the policy proceeds on death be subject to inheritance tax?
  • What’s better Lump Sums or Family Income Benefits option?
  • Should the plan be setup into flexible trust or discretionary trust?
  • Is critical illness coverage the same as terminal illness?
  • Does a familial history of heart problems matter?
  • What does this all mean anyway? 

Life Insurance brokerage firms advisers are trained to help understand all the small print to help give you peace of mind.

6] Zoom | Mobile Phone or ‘Life Insurance Broker near me’?

The Pandemic meant many people switched to dealing with their own clients & colleagues via say Zoom, Teams or over the phone from home.

We are working on your behalf, so that we can offer that same professional but personal Life Insurance Brokers near me service.

A Life Insurance broker online service available during flexible working hours but without you having to leave the comfort of your own home.

7] Need Life Insurance Advice?

Despite the rise of online price comparison websites like ours, many people still like to seek life insurance advice from a ‘broker for life insurance’.

The comfort of dealing with someone from a brokerage life insurance with their professional experience & expertise to advise and help them.

The operative words being getting help & also broker life insurance advice, and not just someone selling you any product. A local Insurance broker near me service available but over the phone for your convenience.

The Internet Age’ vs The ‘Man from the Pru’

Life Insurance Broker near me
A visit from that ‘Life Insurance Broker near me’…Darling, they like 2 sugars in their Cup of Tea

About Us | UK Life Insurance Quotes > 15 secs”></p>

<h2 class=No more ‘Insurance Broker near me’?

As we hit the new millenium & then “credit crunch”, many once leading Uk Insurers closed their books to new business. Some Providers also amalgamated with other life insurance providers to help reduce their overheads.

In the process many well known UK Insurers, Banks & Building Societies also thus sacked 1000’s of their Life Insurance salesforce & life insurance consultants, even if they were IFA brokers.

The friendly Man from the Pru who came knocking on your door was sadly no more. Nobody came to pickup the weekly subscriptions for your Nan’s life insurance, savings plans or other insurances.

As such, for some it was no ‘Insurance Brokers near me’ services were available anymore locally. They had just disappeared overnight.

There was for many people used to dealing with their friendly adviser – now much reduced access to a face to face personal service across the UK.

People would no longer finger through and search their big Yellow Pages directory book looking up their local agent office insurance brokers manchester, insurance brokers kent, insurance brokers wirral or insurance broker st albans services.

This was due to many things including:- UK cold calling rules, decline of endowment plans & subsequent claims against. PPI mis-selling; then the rise of internet; stakeholder pensions; increase in exam qualifications for financial advisers.

Next the costs of running large UK life insurer sales forces and then 9/11, all causing great economic pressures. More recently various FCA market reviews like RDR, EU rules then Brexit pressures.

Maybe back in the day there was once over 250,000 + financial advisers seeing customers face to face; Now there is reportedly less than 30,000 ie; less life insurance brokers near me, as most maybe operating from home.

Into the 2020’s, ongoing finance events may still reduce this life insurance brokerage personnel figure even further – Merging of more Insurers, Various Market Reviews & Directives, The Pandemic, Derth of New Life Insurance Brokers Uk based.  

Yellow Pages & 'Insurance broker near me'
JR Hartley & Yellow Pages TV advert >

Brand Name’ Life Insurers disappear

This meant, as some may have experienced already, great frustration trying to work out which company to best contact now for help/advice re existing or new insurance plans. It also meant that the once great choice of Uk Providers was rapidly decreasing.

Many great brands for Uk Life Insurance Companies names that once employed your friendly life insurance consultants, sadly for some they slowly disappeared….

Aegon, Abbey Life, Allied Dunbar, Axa Equity & Law, Britannic, Canada Life, Commercial Union, Cornhill, Eagle Star, Equitable Life, Friends Provident, General Accident, General Portfolio, Guardian Royal Exchange, London & Manchester, Norwich Union, Pearl, Royal Life, Scottish Amicable, Scottish Equitable, Scottish Provident, Skandia, Sun Alliance, United Friendly etc;

‘I just want to talk to a someone about my

Life Insurance Policy’

Whole of Market ‘Broker for Life Insurance’

We still operate on a whole of market basis. This means as a life insurance brokerage & other financial services, rather than perhaps single tied life insurance agents or comparing just a few providers, we work with many established Providers. UK Brands that you may well know & trust therefore accessing ‘life insurance brokers near me’ online.

We also operate alongside Stonebridge Mortgage Solutions & access via MSSL Group to one of the UK’s biggest life insurance, mortgages & broker finance networks.

Article on Life Insurance Brokers UK by Martyn Spencer Financial Adviser (2024)

As UK Brokers Life Insurance Specialists – For reassurance re health for men & women – we review many of the best brands selling Life Insurance in UK (inc NI).

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