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MSE Review: 02/2024

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*What does Martin Lewis say about Mortgages?

Article on Money Expert Mortgages: Martin Lewis Mortgages Rates

In this Martin Lewis Mortgages MSE Guide Review we will look at these keys areas & more...🔸 What Mortgage Types Martin Lewis recommends considering? 🔸 What other borrowing loan options does he consider? 🔸 His Mortgage Money Saving Expert General Top Tips & whom Best to Buy from...

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Martin Lewis Mortgage Advice Review

Martin Lewis advice on Mortgages
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What is Martin Lewis view on Mortgages?

*MSE on How Best to Boost your Mortgage Chances?

Getting a Mortgage the Martin Lewis says can seem 💯 100% like 'Climbing Up Mount Everest'. Especially due to the ongoing Cost of Living Crisis & Higher Interest Rates all eating into your Budget.

MoneySavingsExpert (MSE) Martin Lewis on Mortgages therefore has some Great Top Tips for either 1'st time buyers, or those looking to remortgage and much more on how to best boost your chance of getting a Mortgage Rate deal.

To that extent as brokers we may agree with him, as buying a property is probably the most expensive purchase most people may ever make. Their review explains how MSE can help boost your chances of success.

These are all great MSE tips and all worth looking into further. We would also add however most Mortgage online applications can be quite difficult to navigate.

The Mortgage Lenders can ask many different questions both personal, financial lifestyle & occupation plus legal jargon. You may or may not initially grasp the importance of your answers and chances therefore of best getting approved.

Being brokers, we think that this is made even more difficult if you are trying to do this all alone (rather than dealing with professional whole of market brokers - who spend their daily job helping people arrange mortgages).

Unlike Martin Lewis Money Saver Expert, you probably won’t have years of experience in dealing with a range of complex mortgage & legal matters?

With the cost of living crisis eating into everyone's budget, there are ways MSE money expert mortgage advice point out that you can improve these odds. 

Mortgages moneysavingexpert have therefore come up with these various Top Tips on how to be as attractive as possible to mortgage lenders to get the best mortgage deals.

In terms of the large range of Mortgage products available, Money Saving Expert are fully impartial with all their best buy reviews. As you maybe aware, neither Martin nor MSE never endorse products.

Note: Yes, they mention individual products & services on MSE site, but they make it very clear don't 'support' them.

Therefore to also make it clear, this is our own independant broker review on MSE Martin Lewis' Guide to Mortgages. With our own professional FCA Regulated Advisers commenting on aspects of their overall review.

As many people respect & follow Martin Lewis on Mortgages MoneySavingsExpert (MSE) opinions, they always say if sure (or unsure & need advice) you speak to a qualified Mortgage Broker.

Who is Martin Lewis Mortgage Money Expert?

Martin Lewis CBE & OBE is a highly successful Financial Expert & Reporter. Martin Lewis is also the founder of the website Money Saving Expert & remains executive chairman.

He also has his own regular current affairs TV Money Show shown on ITV. These shows may include various money savings expert Martin Lewis advice on Mortgages & Finance, and were all initially broadcast after the London Olympics back in 2012. 

Martin Lewis is now therefore often seen on TV commenting on all different current financial matters. Or appearing on daytime TV, Martin Lewis mortgage advice on This Morning is often watched, being the popular go to person for sound financial advice.

In 2012, his popular Money Saving Expert website was reportedly also sold to The Money Supermarket.Com group for £87 million.

Martin Lewis in these challenging 2020's is an all round UK Consumer Champion for his respected commercial opinions.

However, his undoubted success today in 2024 hides a very sad story from his past, which he emotionally & honestly explains further in this BBC Podcast >

Martin Lewis sadly told of his own life story, where at only aged 11 he unfortunately lost his late Mother Susan Lewis, in a tragic road accident.

What happened to Martin Lewis as a Child then reportedly left him emotionally unable to sometimes leave his own house - for upto 6 years (Times Newspaper Article).

Except for going to school, this emotional impact left him he said looking back with both extreme anxiety & trauma. 

As such, Martin Lewis illness mentally as a teenager back then & during some darker days says he sometimes “struggled to even get out of bed”.

he tragedy on the longer term impact of someone losing a parent so young into their lives, whether this be financial, psychological or both.

As such today he says 'Financial problems and mental health issues are locked together — it’s about time treatments were linked too', urges Money and Mental Health Policy Institute & its chair founder Martin Lewis.

This then means that he can also speak now with some authority around the subject of mental health & where he also explores the link with finances and money management.

Some of these Martin Lewis' Money Management books shown below are all therefore well worth a read, especially in this ongoing cost of living crisis.

Mortgages Martin Lewis | Finance ReviewMortgages Money Saving Expert | Martin Lewis Review'martin lewis on mortgages' & money review

Important Note: This overview on Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis on Mortgages is not a scam fake advert re Martin Lewis recommending our own broker services, which he doesn't. As you may be aware he & MSE are impartial. Therefore he does not endorse any particular products. Any Martin Lewis Money video's shown may have some out of date information on them - due to any interest rate rises & the ongoing cost of living crisis.

'Money Expert Mortgage' Tips

Martin Lewis Mortgage Tips

'Martin Lewis on Mortgages' Top Tips

Martin Lewis on Mortgages has various mortgages money saving expert hints and tips to consider for those looking for help doing any money expert mortgage comparison.

  • 'Money Expert Mortgage'
  • Don't expect every mortgage lender to accept you (and want you as their customer)
  • Check your credit report (before the mortgage lender does)
  • Correct any credit score errors asap (to help mortgage checks)
  • 'Money Expert Mortgage'
  • Carefully manage your available credit (to boost mortgage)
  • Stay out of your overdraft (shows lenders your financial vulnerability)
  • Be aware any Govt Covid 19 financial support (may dent a mortgage)
  • 'Money Expert Mortgages'
  • Register to vote (or your mortgage chances might be reduced)
  • De-link from ex-partners or flatmates (to stop their credit history wrecking yours)
  • Close old, inactive bank accounts (they can kill your mortgage application)
  • 'Money Expert Mortgage'
  • Always pay ALL your bills on time (this effects your credit score)
  • Don't apply for more credit shortly before a mortgage (for at least 3 months)
  • Cut back on spending before you consider a mortgage (they stress test your bank statements)
  • 'Money Expert Mortgage'
  • Make paying your rent on time pay (sign up & boost your credit file ratings)
  • Put £100+ excess onto your deposit (it could get you a better rate & easier acceptance)
  • Avoid delays (fill out the mortgage application form accurately first time)
  • 'Money Expert Mortgages'
  • Sort any paperwork requested now to speed things up (to send all in one batch)
  • Test drive your mortgage chances (any mortgage agreement in principle offer is the acid test)
  • Rejected? Stop before you make another application (re-check above list & ask the lender why)

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'Martin Lewis First Time Buyer'

Martin Lewis First Time Buyer

As Martin Lewis money expert mortgage says, if you are considering buying your 1st home... It is exciting time but it can be a complicated adventure.

Martin Lewis first time buyer advice has various informative mortgage & property MSE Martin Lewis First Time Buyer Top Tips, in addition to his above useful mortgage hints.

  • Martin Lewis First Time Buyer
  • Consider carefully if a mortgage is right for you (could you afford it if interest rates rise)
  • Typically you'll need a 10% deposit to buy (but still possible if you've got less)
  • Boost your mortgage chances (check on electoral role, check credit files, upto date payments)
  • Martin Lewis First Time Buyer
  • Check up mortgage repayment options (fixed, variable, tracker, offset, current account)
  • Getting a mortgage is harder if you're self-employed/a contractor (business accounts, tax returns)
  • Don't forget to factor in any other costs (mortgage & broker fees, stamp duty, removal costs)
  • Martin Lewis First Time Buyer
  • 2 main mortgage purchase options (go direct to lender or via a broker)
  • Watch out for the hard sell on insurances (mortgage & life protection, buildings cover)
  • Mortgage help (95% guarantee, shared ownership, help to buy, green mortgage)

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Martin Lewis Shared Ownership

martin lewis shared ownership

Martin Lewis shared ownership he explains is that buying part of any property through a government shared ownership scheme, is just one helpful initiative of getting a foot onto that first rung of the property ladder.

However, that ladder he says has become much harder to climb as UK property prices continue to soar. Yet while the concept of shared ownership may seem straightforward, in practice he says can be both complicated & also expensive. 

The scheme varies between parts of the UK, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland & Wales.

  • Shared ownership in Scotland. The Scottish scheme is aimed at 1st-time buyers & other priority groups. You may buy between a 25% > 75% share of a property and then pay an occupancy charge on the share you don't own.
  • Co-ownership in Northern Ireland. The Northern Irish scheme means you can buy between a 50% > 90% share of a property (max property price £165,000) and then pay rent on the share you don't own.
  • Shared ownership in Wales. The Welsh scheme works similar to the one in Scotland & England, though your total income can be no more than £60,000pa.

Martin Lewis Shared Ownership pros & cons to consider for those looking for his guidance. People also debate these benefits or otherwise on the MSE Forums shared ownership pitfalls.

  • martin lewis shared ownership
  • Shared ownership available for 1'st time buyers, older people & disabled (check via Lenders)
  • You won't own 100% of your home (at least not initially)
  • Deposit will be required (though it's based on the % share you're buying & NOT 100% property price)
  • martin lewis shared ownership
  • UK-Wide Properties available (register at Help to Buy websites South | North | Midlands & London)
  • Shared ownership mortgage required (these can be more expensive than regular home loans)
  • Rent paid on the share that you don't own (this may be expensive)
  • martin lewis shared ownership
  • Leaseholds: Shared ownership properties are ALWAYS leaseholds (so they often come with extra leasehold fees & charges)
  • Mainly new-build homes are sold through shared ownership (though they may have been lived in beforehand)
  • Buy more shares in your new property slowly available (up to 100%)
  • martin lewis shared ownership
  • Home repairs you are responsible for ALL (irrespective of % of the property you own)
  • Stamp Duty to be paid (choices of whether to pay % just on your share now or the whole property)
  • Selling a shared ownership property (this may be more complicated)

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Martin Lewis Help to Buy

Martin Lewis help to buy comments that 10 years after launch in 2013, the Government's equity loan scheme will then close for good in 2023.

The money expert mortgage guru points out that more than 355,000 new-build properties were bought with the help to buy equity loan scheme. This allowed people to borrow up to 20% of a property's price via a Government loan, interest-free for the first 5 years.

'Remortgage Martin Lewis' Tips?

Martin Lewis Remortgage | Uk Broker Deals

Martin Lewis Remortgage guide points out their best Money Savings Expert tips and reasons to remortgage. Also reasons not to consider remortgaging.

On this subject, Martin Lewis remortgage comparison he made these comments on MSE website...

Martin Lewis says he always shivers slightly when people talk about adding various non-housing debts to their mortgage. Whether this is for a new kitchen, an expensive holiday or to consolidate existing borrowings.

He says there are times when this could be a necessary evil, perhaps to get you out of a financial hole. His concerns are it isn't that it is wrong per se.

In fact he says often it's a good move for some people. However, the issue money expert mortgage comments on is that many people do see remortgaging as their 'no-brainer' 100% solution.

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* Martin Lewis Mortgages Rates | 8 Reasons TO Remortgage

Looking for hints on getting remortgage advice Martin Lewis MSE offers 8 top tips to consider...

  1. Current deal is about to end (shop around early)
  2. Better mortgage rates elsewhere (check costs to exit)
  3. Home value increase (better loan to value = good terms)
  4. Worried about interest rates going up (may affect you)
  5. Wish to overpay but lender won't let you (check exit costs)
  6. Switch interest-only to repayment (approach existing lender)
  7. Borrow more (Existing Provider won't let you or poor deal)
  8. Flexible mortgage needed (make over/under payments)

'Money Expert Mortgages' | 'Mortgage Advice Martin Lewis'

Watch: Martin Lewis Remortgage Advice

* Martin Lewis Mortgages Rates | 8 Reasons to NOT Remortgage

  1. Mortgage debt is really small (costly exit fees)
  2. Early exit repayment charges (too high)
  3. New scheme has high fees (high move costs)
  4. Circumstances changed for the worst (new deal worse)
  5. Home's value has dropped (worse loan to value = poor terms)
  6. Negative or Little home equity (cannot better current deal)
  7. Bad Credit problems since mortgage (maybe stay put)
  8. On a great mortgage rate deal already (why move)

Re: Secured Loans Martin Lewis is not a big fan either as a means to borrow more via second mortgage. He says unsecured personal loans are usually a better first option to consider.

Money Savings Expert Martin Lewis on Remortgages in Conclusion says:

"Let me make something plain. Borrowing £1,000 at 5% over 20 years is more than twice as expensive as 10% over 5 years. Put that way, it suddenly doesn't seem so much of a no-brainer now does it?"

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Martin Lewis Fixed Rate Mortgage

martin lewis fixed rate mortgages review

For Martin Lewis Fixed Rate Mortgage pose some interesting questions in the 2020's. Many UK lender's are either still offering or withdrawing deals on a regular basis.

You can fix your mortgage for say 1/2/5 or even 10 years plus. Usually the longer the fixed rate mortgage term = the higher the interest rate deals, as the lender takes on more risk of interest rates changing whilst having to guarantee your rate.

Similar to Martin Lewis life insurance policy thoughts, this protection from any longer term rate rises will cost you. As brokers we say that this peace of mind maybe worth it in the 2020's?

Here are 'Martin Lewis on Mortgages' thoughts for fixing for 10 years plus, should the Bank of England base rate continue to rise. 

Apart from certainty for budgeting, what are Martin Lewis Fixed Rate Mortgages pro's and cons of fixing for 10 years plus?

4 Tops Tips | Pro's of Fixed Rate Mortgages

  1. Protection against future interest rate hikes (lock onto today's rates)
  2. Pay less in fees in the longer term (initial only fees)
  3. Protected if lenders' criteria changes (insulation v affordability)
  4. Pass only a credit check once (should your credit status change)

4 Tops Tips | Con's of Fixed Rate Mortgages

  1. Monthly payments are higher (as on a higher interest rate)
  2. Can't always take these deals with you (if you move home)
  3. Early repayment charges & fees apply (high exit lock-in fees)
  4. May end up paying more monthly (if interest rates don't rise)

If any deal sounds good re fixed rate mortgages Martin Lewis says think carefully about how long you may want to fix for. Look at the pro's & con's above.

It's sometimes even possible to find fixed-rate deals that last for the full lifetime fix of your mortgage eg; 25/30 years. Do you think you may want to live in your forever home forever?

Martin Lewis says fixing for life is a big step due to heavy penalties - if you ever wanted to leave the deal. So the 'Money Expert Mortgages' review says you need to carefully consider the pros & cons of doing this.

We say as brokers, what happens if your family circumstances change & you don't want to live in the same home for the next 10+ years?

Or consider what happens if you had to move as you lost your income due to redundancy, accident, sickness or even death ? Yes, you can insure with mortgage protection but these penalties & fees may still apply.

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'Martin Lewis Interest Only Mortgages'

Repayment v Interest Only Mortgage | Martin Lewis Interest only mortgages review |
Interest Only Mortgage Martin Lewis Highlights Pitfalls

An interest-only mortgage is one where your mortgage payments only cover the interest, not the loan itself. Therefore, at the end of the term, usually 25/30 years, you will still owe the original loan amount, unless you made any extra-payments.

'Interest Only Mortgage Martin Lewis' originally said a few years ago that Interest-only mortgages aren't bad, BUT they are risky. The investment you used to repay your mortgage may soar, or it may plummet.

Martin Lewis Mortgages Rates review said 100's of 1000's of homeowners with an interest-only style mortgage could face a debt crisis when their mortgage loans mature, it is feared.

Martin Lewis Interest Only Mortgages says "A gamble on an interest-only mortgage can pay off. But the reason most people should be cautioned against these mortgages is planning, understanding & then managing that gamble is complicated process."

Interest Only Mortgages Martin Lewis pointed out that "Sadly, some people bought into those TV property porn shows which gave the feeling house prices could only move in one direction. That you should get the biggest property you can. They believed the growth in UK house prices meant you could simply repay the mortgage by selling their home with enough to then go elsewhere".

"In reality, he said a more cautious move, ensuring sensible finances and repaying debts, is a better strategy for many people".

"For those who are on interest-only mortgages Martin Lewis says, it's worth questioning how they'll repay the loan".

"If there's likely to be a shortfall, switching even to a part-repayment mortgage may ease those pressures' in the longer run, though in these austere times for many that could be tough".

The Financial Ombudsman Service told MSE many of those people who took out such a deal during the interest-only "booms" - may not fully understand that their mortgage payments will not clear their full debt.

Many borrowers on such deals for interest only Martin Lewis said could be gambling with their futures as some took the loan on the assumption they could pay it back by selling their home on maturity.

But this always relies on UK house prices not collapsing & leaving them with no asset at the end, but holding steady over the length of the deal.Martin Lewis says on interest only mortgages that uk banks & building societies have toughened their criteria over the years to help ensure borrowers prove they are saving cash elsewhere to pay off their debt, before taking an interest-only mortgage

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'Martin Lewis Mortgage Rates' Crisis 2020's

Martin Lewis Interest Rate

Many people also look to Martin Lewis interest rates comments, given that the UK now has the double impact of both the cost of living crisis, at the same time as mortgage rate increases.

Naturally, Martin Lewis mortgage interest rates comments therefore on the potential impact of arrears for existing home owners whose fixed rate deals are currently ending.

Money Saving Expert points out that if you are a homeowner, it is often not your bricks & mortar that keeps the roof over your head, but your ability to repay your mortgage. Yet commenting 'Martin Lewis interest rates' constant rises mean many more are now struggling to meet their monthly payments.

However, on the Money Savings Expert website their mortgage time bomb articles are sadly never the latest news looking back over time.

If you are a mortgage borrower in the 2020's, rising interest rates Martin Lewis says can only mean more difficulties for many struggling homeowners. As such, as brokers we advise this needs to factored into your long term affordability calculations.

'Martin Lewis Bridging Loans'

'martin lewis bridging loans' review | uk broker deals

Bridging Loans Martin Lewis money savings expert forum is full of comments on people after some bridging loan Martin Lewis guidance.

One person seeking 'Martin Lewis bridging loans' pointers, comments to another on MSE forum that a bridging loan in essence is a short-term mortgage. 

A bridging loan is therefore a bit like taking a 2'nd mortgage against your old house, which gives you the cash to buy that new dream house (so you don't lose it). 

Then, when you eventually sell your old house, you can then use the proceeds from the sale to repay the bridging loan.

Bridging Loans are often a convenient way to "bridge the gap" between selling your old house and buying the new one. However, as brokers we must point out that they can be very expensive, and only designed for short-term use (typically just a few weeks or a few months maximum).

Here are 5 typical examples to look how Bridging Loans could help you out…

  1. Buying a property that needs doing up (BUT deemed unsuitable by mainstream lenders)
  2. You need a fast bridging loan (for a quick completion to meet property auction terms)
  3. Need to complete a property purchase (before an existing property is sold)
  4. New Home build help (to cover buying land & building work, whilst awaiting a mortgage)
  5. When you want to buy an under-market value property (you need funds quickly)

Note: As Finance Brokers Bridging loans are not necessarily the cheapest financial solution for these above 5 examples. Bridging loan interest rates are much higher than ordinary Martin Lewis mortgages rates deals.

Bridging loans Martin Lewis would say if he passed comment on them can start to get more expensive, the longer you need to take them out for. However, they are useful if you only needed them for a short period of time (i.e. less than 12 months).

They can be an expensive way to finance your property if longer than this.

There are many people looking for Bridging Loan Martin Lewis Mortgages rates recommendations on MSE. However, apart from bridging loan general MSE forum queries Martin Lewis & the team have not passed in depth comment on this subject for whatever reason.

We would suggest you refer to Martin Lewis mortgages rates generic pros & cons above and to then work out if it is worth it for you.

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Martin Lewis Buy to Let Mortgage

buy to let broker uk | Martin Lewis Mortgages Rates

The UK Buy-to-Let market is in the midst of a radical shake-up in the 2020's. Martin Lewis buy to let mortgage advice points to those major tax changes have now made it much less appealing for ordinary investors & those accidental landlords.

Martin Lewis Money savings expert forums buy to let mortgages shows these are now more a target for the serious property investor instead. As such, they have withdrawn their buy to let mortgage Martin Lewis guide & point you to general advice on mortgages & remortgages.

Buy to let mortgages are designed for landlords who want to buy property to rent it out. The rules around a buy to let mortgage are different from those around regular residential mortgages.

Many UK mortgage lenders Martin Lewis mortgage rates a buy to let mortgage as higher risk, so you may need to need certain conditions to be eligible for one. 

The fees, deposits & interest rates are generally far higher than residential mortgages. The amounts you can borrow are linked to the amount of rental income you expect to receive (rather than your personal income).

UK Lenders usually need this rental income to be at least 25–30% higher than your mortgage payment.

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'Martin Lewis Mortgage Calculator Overpayment'

'Martin Lewis Mortgage Calculator Overpayment' article comments that before even considering overpaying your mortgage, please check that your mortgage lender allows you to overpay it 'penalty-free'.

He says check & see if there are any limits as to how much you can overpay, before using the 'martin lewis mortgage calculator overpayment' tool.

Martin Lewis Mortgages Rates he points out that if you are on your mortgage lender's standard variable rate or on a tracker mortgage, there is usually no limit on how much you can overpay your mortgage by.

However, this differs with fixed-rate mortgages. Typically these have an annual overpayment maximum limit of 10% of your TOTAL outstanding mortgage balance.

Note: the exact method of how this 10% is calculated varies by lender. Martin Lewis overpayment mortgage calculator should just be used as a rough guide. He says, be sure to always speak to your mortgage lender to work out exactly how much you can overpay by (without incurring penalties).

Also ensure that any money expert mortgage overpayment calculator you make goes to reduce the mortgage debt (thus shortening the term) ....rather than just reducing your monthly payments.

Any overpayment mortgage calculator assumes you reduce the mortgage debt, which is the main benefit of overpaying.

'Money Expert Mortgages' Review

Calculate Mortgage Repayments Uk | 'Money Expert Mortgage'
Mortgage Overpayments Calculator >

To best use the generic brokers overpayment mortgage calculator link above, just input your details over the example & the amount of overpayments you wish to make. The free omni calculator results will quickly show how much shorter the potential mortgage term & interest savings made Note: £=$


'Martin Lewis Mortgage Overpayment'?

For Martin Lewis Mortgage Overpayment should interest rates on mortgages rise, so he says overpaying your mortgage could be a serious consideration for some people.

Yet if rates on your savings also rise (albeit more slowly) Martin Lewis points out, it is not always a dead cert where to put your extra money.

Overpaying he says means you can make the same gain as saving at your mortgage rate. If you have a 4% mortgage rate, you would need your savings paying at least this. 

6 Tips on Mortgage Overpayment Martin Lewis

  1. Eating into mortgage debt you've built up from buying a home (means you pay it off quicker)
  2. No interest paid (on the amount you overpay)
  3. Money saved on interest often but not always (beats the returns possible if put it in savings)
  4. Overpay without penalty upto 10%pa (but get it wrong & risk £1,000s in fees)
  5. Other more expensive debts (If so clear those first)
  6. Sufficient in emergency funds (Ensure back up funds before over-payment)

Overpaying your mortgage Martin Lewis & MSE forums points out that it could save you £10,000's in interest (a big boon he points out). As usual Martin Lewis caveats that over-payment is not right for everyone. 

Unsure & need finance broker help? Please contact us >

Equity Release

Equity Release involves the release of money (or equity) tax free from your home but whilst you are still living there. ie; Over 55's + later life lending.

There are 2 main types of equity release available, with various product options, and both of these are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

  • Home Reversion plans
  • Lifetime Mortgages

Our broker review on 'Martin Lewis on Equity Release' questions their answers re Money Savings Expert (MSE) on Equity Release and their main pros + cons.

Don't forget Mortgage Life or Critical Illness Insurance?

One of things they don't always mention in their Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis Mortgages Rates review article...is also considering mortgage life insurance?

As brokers, we were surprised by this omission, although they do have a seperate MSE article on how to best get mortgage life insurance.

This could ensure that if you died, then the mortgage debt could be repaid also. You could choose either then, would this mortgage be repaid fully on death or also upon a critical illness?

This life cover policy type could depend on whether you made mortgage is interest only, so the debt remains static. Or, if the mortgage is repayment, so the debt reduces.

For interest only, you would have the option of mortgage level whole life assurance (which will always payout, even if you lived until age 150). Or alternatively, a level term life insurance policy, (usually upto age 90 only).

Repayment Mortgages should be covered by decreasing mortgage protection. For more information, on his thoughts check out our broker Martin Lewis on Life Insurance & Critical Illness cover also.

What ever age you are, whether in your 20 or 30's, or over 60 life insurance Martin Lewis would agree is important to help protect your mortgage liabilities (especially if someone is dependant upon you).

'Mortgage Rates Martin Lewis' | Conclusion

In the 2020's, sound advice on different Mortgage Rates Martin Lewis opinions are what many people still seek his regular MSE expert advice on. As brokers, we found his money expert mortgage review summary very good, with their useful hints & tips.

So, whether you wish to go direct, having read his mortgages money saving expert guidance or prefer instead to speak to a professional broker. You pay’s your money & takes your choice. 

As specialist brokers, our Finance Brokerage are well placed to help you out. Whether it is competitive broker high street finance deals or a specialist finance lender that will consider a complex lending scenario.

Whatever your credit status, good or bad…please contact us for ideal financial solutions. Note, since the pandemic many financial advice services have also changed.  

Unsure & need Broker help in February 2024 ? Please contact us >

Article on ‘Martin Lewis Mortgages Rates’ by Martyn Spencer Financial Adviser (2024)

For reassurance re health for men & women average cost - we review many of the best brands selling FamilyMortgageHome Loans Business Life Insurance in United Kingdom (inc NI)

Face to face is where advice is delivered by a qualified adviser who will travel to a customer’s home or other location of choice. There they will discuss your needs allowing any family members to be present & involved in the decision making process.

Telephone advice is where the advice is provided primarily over the telephone or on zoom by a qualified mortgage broker. This is then supported by an appropriate call centre for the purpose, with call recording, data storage and appropriate monitoring procedures in place.

Martin Lewis Mortgages Rates Review

mortgage broker uk | martin Lewis mortgages rates review

Martin Lewis talks about Finance & MSE Beware LIAR Fake Scam AI ads >

*Any comments & views expressed on this 'Mortgages Martin Lewis' Money Saving Expert review are for generic information only. They are not personalized advice or necessarily reflect their views. This article overview on Martin Lewis on Mortgages is not a scam fake advert re Martin Lewis recommending our own broker servicesAs you may be aware he & MSE are impartial. Therefore he does not endorse any particular products.

Any Martin Lewis Money video's or images shown may also have some out of date information on them - due to the ongoing cost of living crisis & any UK interest rates rises. Often these Martin Lewis Mortgages Rates MoneySavingExpert articles may no longer be personally updated or written by Martin Lewis himself. MSE do state he oversees site content, especially the MSE weekly email. Naturally, although MSE is an independant website finance allows no advertising nor subscription, it may receive a revenue via 'affiliate links' to what they believe are the top products or providers (which we aren't mentioned)