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If you are looking for a competitive broker quote for finance, then you are in the right place. We deal with most aspects of UK Insurance & Quotes about Finance.

For ease, we have listed below your various 'Finance Quote' options below from the different areas we can assist & in alphabetical order. Please follow the links for your helpful financial quote. Get professional independent broker advice & expertise.

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Quotes about Finance

'cost of living crisis uk'
Inclusion London The 'Cost of Living Crisis'

'Cost of Living Crisis' UK

The UK 'cost of living crisis' in the 2020's started after the combined impact of Brexit, the personal & financial effects of Covid 19 Pandemic & the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Added to this potent mix was also a global shortage of microchips, uk supply chain problems, energy reserves impact plus climate change.

Then we add to all that, issues unique to our small island. These include our various labour supply chain shortages, causes related strongly to foreign & european workers leaving the UK due to Brexit rules.

On top of that we have had UK government instability, plus additional taxes on both business & households in an attempt to balance the UK's deficit books. 

These key events all combined together also meant a rise in inflation & so unfortunately a perfect economic storm in the UK.

As such, prices for many essential items began to increase faster than many people's household incomes. These key events therefore also resulted in a fall in many people's real incomes.

In other words the 'cost of living crisis uk' means that your £1 coin in your pocket today, may not be worth the same as the £1 coin from a few years ago.

The 'Cost of Living Crisis UK' wide also signifies that we are one of the most affected of the world's G7 economies.

Whilst all those in the UK are affected by globally rising prices, it does most substantially impact those on lower incomes.

10 Everyday Essentials:10 Everyday Essentials:Increase:
Typical cost pre-BrexitTypical cost 2020'sDifference %
2 Pints of Milk = £75p2 Pints of Milk = £1.3575%
Loaf of Bread = 99pLoaf of Bread = £1.1517%
9 Toilet Rolls popular brand = £4.499 Toilet Rolls popular brand = £5.4922%
Litre of Petrol = £1.10Litre of Petrol = £1.6450%
£150k Mortgage 25 years 0.25% = £515pm£150k Mortgage 25 years 3% = £717pm40%
Bottle of Cola = £1.09Bottle of Cola = £1.9075%
80 Tea Bags popular brand = £2.6080 Tea Bags popular brand = £3.2926%
Butter popular brand tub = £2.00Butter popular brand tub = £5.00150%
Jar of coffee popular brand £2.75Jar of coffee popular brand = £6.00118%
Toothpaste popular brand = £1.21Toothpaste popular brand = £3.00149%
Total Average Cost Monthly:Total Average Cost Monthly:40% Average Increase:
£531.98pm £745.82pm£213.84pm
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Finance Quotes - How Can We Help?

Before you look to perhaps get your various quotes for finance, consider your bigger picture. Look at the above example financial cost of living rises & the implications on yourself & family unit budget.

Think about this, if you are inquiring about either borrowing money or insuring yourself.

If you are struggling even with 2 incomes in these difficult 'cost of living crisis' times...how would you cope if you were suddenly down to just 1 income, due to ill health or death? Or worse still, you relied on just one main breadwinner's income?

Remember, we are only human. Always consider your back up plan. In other words, the importance of protecting some of your major assets that we may often take for granted, your health & income.

So, how can we best help you with a broker deal on your 'quote for finance'?

* Life Insurance* Mortgage
* Critical Illness* Home Loan
* Income Protection* Buildings & Contents
* Medical Insurance* Trades Person Insurance
* Business Protection* Small Business Finance Quote
Finance Budget Planner 4 Budget Life Insurance Quotes

Quote for Finance '10 Money Saving Tips'

1] Plan your Budget

Calculate how much money you earn after tax then take away essentials including accommodation (rent or mortgage), utility & regular bills, food, travel costs. 

The amounts left over, is the amount you can afford to spend on the likes of protection insurance, home loans.

QUOTE FOR FINANCE TOP TIP: Put money aside first for non-essential items & enjoyable activities like eating out, shopping, cinema, concerts, holiday breaks etc;

2] Plan your Weekly or Daily Spend

Once you have worked out how much money you have left over....then break it down further to a weekly or even daily budget. 'Then stick to it'.

Given the rising 'cost of living crisis', factor in & then put away (if possible) a further 'savings back up fund'. An amount to help plan ahead, should everyone's bills rise again in the future.

You can challenge yourself to have some 'spend free days'. Nobody probably can afford the time or money anyway to go out every night partying?

QUOTES FOR FINANCES TOP TIP: Various online free budgeting or personal finance apps may also help you to set your spending limits.

3] Regularly save Money as your 'Back up Fund'

Plan ahead by putting money aside weekly or monthly for those regular events eg; Xmas & Birthdays. If you can afford to save a little each month, it can also mean less anxiety & stress in unexpected circumstances eg; your car breaking down. 

QUOTES FOR FINANCE TOP TIP: SAVE first & then SPEND second what is left afterwards - (NOT) - SPEND first then SAVE last what is left afterwards

4] Reduce your Food Waste

Freeze if possible any food that you have that is near to its sell by date (always check if that is okay by doing research online)

Old bananas? Then why not make a banana pudding, bread or smoothie.

QUOTE OF FINANCE TOP TIP: Any old vegetables? If so, batch cook up a homemade vegetable soup & then freeze it into family size portions.

Martin Lewis Financial Quote Money Saving Tips

5] Plan your Weekly Meals

Meal plan, bulk cook & freeze. Depends how many you are cooking for. This may help you to cook on a budget and save money, plus prevent any food wastage.

Check at the end of each week any food you wasted & what that cost you. Challenge yourself to try and cook something new up each week. Make a weekly shopping list and then stick to it.

QUOTES OF FINANCE TOP TIP: Look for local supermarkets lower priced 'sell that day food' & freeze it for another day

6] Eat or prepare your Lunch at Home

If you live near your work & if you have the time, perhaps come home for lunch, rather than grabbing any food out. Alternatively, have your partner or yourself always make a packed lunch on the go to take with you.

Visit supermarkets after 7 pm or later on Sunday afternoons to get those reduced price food bargains for following day lunch deals. Often, some food deals keep fresh for that extra day longer.

QUOTE IN FINANCE TOP TIP: Buy own brand supermarket food & see what impact it has on your budgets

7] Reduce your energy bills

Turn off the lights whenever you leave a room. Do not leave laptops, mobiles & other items on charge to help save your energy bills.

Do full loads of washing every time to help save money & run it at off-peak times. Wear an extra layer of clothing, instead of turning the heating up.

QUOTES ON FINANCES TOP TIP: Only boil as much water as you need in your kettle for your cuppa.

Quotes of Finances

Quote in Finance by Kids

8] Your Travel Journey for less

Book any train or coach tickets well in advance can save alot of money. The best time to check for any cheaper trains is usually 2/3 months before you want to travel longer distance.

QUOTE ON FINANCES TOP TIP: Consider an ebike for shorter journeys - longer term it may save money, keep you fit & help reduce your carbon footprint.

9] Keep a Track on your Spending

Keep a regular track on all your spending habits. Do not ignore those warnings signs, if you know you are overspending.

QUOTES For ON FINANCE TOP TIP: Make some good habit changes now, rather than ignore or let things spiral out of control into bad habits.

10] Good Habits = Your Good Health

Deal with any bills or statements immediately. Do not hide them away, or let them pile up & then go unpaid. This may then affect both your credit rating & lead to stress.

Good or better financial organisation is the key here. As mentioned at the top of this article, being in control of your regular finances is a great stress reliever.

A financial well-being survey statistics showed that:

  1. Financial pressure is the main cause of stress outside of work (34%)
  2. 15% of all employees say financial stress impacts their regular productivity
  3. 25-35 year olds are the most affected age groups (35% cite their finances as a cause of stress)
  4. Female employees are 33% more likely to have experienced financial stress than their male colleagues
  5. Those experiencing financial stress are also twice as likely to experience ill health or even suicidal thoughts

QUOTE ON FINANCE TOP TIP: Contact your Providers or Citizens Advice immediately if you are struggling.

Quotes about Financial Stuff

All this above sounds rather doom & gloom. Instead, let's change the mood abit rather just looking at getting a 'quotation in finance' - with some top music songs about money, having too much money, too little, or otherwise.

So, in no particular order for your quote about finance song & with Money in the title...

OUR Top 10 Songs with 'Money in the Title'

  1. Money Money Money (Abba)
  2. Money's to Tight to Mention (Simply Red)
  3. Money for Nothing (Dire Straits)
  4. Money Money (Cabaret Musical)
  5. Money (Pink Floyd)
  6. LoadsofMoney (Harry Enfield)
  7. Mo Money Mo Problems (Notorious Big)
  8. Money Honey (Lady Gaga)
  9. Money (Flying Lizards)
  10. She works Hard for the Money (Donna Summer)

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'Quote for Finance' Conclusion

I hope that the cost of living crisis & whatever else is happening economically as you read this, does not stop us helping arrange your ideal broker quote on finance.

Whatever you are looking for, we are more than happy to help you and alongside our sound independant professional broker advice.

Article on ‘Quotes for Finance‘ by Martyn Spencer Financial Adviser 2024

For reassurance re health for men & women - we review many of the best brands selling Family, Mortgage, Home Loans & Business Life Insurance in UK (inc NI)