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Life Insurance with Diabetes

'Life Insurance for a Diabetic'

Diabetes is a disease that occurs when your blood sugar glucose is usually too high. In other words, your body is out of balance.

Blood Glucose is our main source of energy & it comes from the food we all eat. 

Insulin, is a hormone made by our pancreas and it also helps glucose from food get into our cells to be then used for energy. Sometimes your body doesn’t make enough or any insulin or doesn’t use insulin well. Glucose then stays in your blood and doesn’t reach your cells causing you health problems.

Over time, having too much glucose in your blood can cause health problems. Every case of diabetes somebody has, wether diabetic type one or two is potentially serious.

We will examine here what that means for 'Life Insurance for a Diabetic' and look at the various types of diabetes one can have.

However, as Diabetes is a serious health condition to have, please understand it maybe you are not offered standard price rates re life insurance for diabetic patients.

Does Diabetes affect Life Insurance in 2024? Unfortunately YES.

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Life Insurance Diabetes UK

What is Diabetes Low Blood Sugar?

Low blood sugar level (hypoglycaemia), is where the level of sugar (glucose) in your blood now drops too low. 'Hypo' mainly affects people that have diabetes & need to take insulin.

Symptoms of a low blood sugar level may include:

  • Sweating, dizziness & blurred vision
  • Feeling hungry, tired & pale
  • Unusual behaviour, slurred speech
  • Tingling lips or trembling shakes
  • A fast or pounding heartbeat (palpitations)
  • Become easily tearful, anxious, irritated or moody
  • Confusion, clumsiness (like drunkness) & difficulty concentrating
life insurance for diabetic uk
* source thesaurus plus

What is Diabetes DKA Ketoacidosis?

Diabetes DKA Ketoacidosis is another serious complication of diabetes. It occurs when your body produces higher levels of blood acids called ketones in your urine.

Symptoms of DKA may include:

  • Excessive thirst & Frequent urination
  • Nausea, Vomiting & Stomach pain
  • Weakness, Fatigue, Confusion & Shortness of breath
  • Fruity-scented breath

Diabetic Type One

It is still unclear, but scientists think being diabetic type one is perhaps caused by genes and various environmental viral factors that might trigger this disease.

In people who are diabetic type one, the body’s immune system (which may normally fight infection) instead now tries to attack & destroy the pancreatic cells.

As such, your pancreas then stops making insulin. Without any insulin, glucose can't then get into your cells, so your blood glucose may rise above normal. To balance this out, people who are diabetic type one then need to take daily insulin to live.

Diabetics have a Romanian pioneer called Nicolae Paulescu to thank for that, as he was the first person to discover insulin, which he called pancreine.

life insurance for a diabetic quotes
Life Insurance with Diabetes | Compare Broker Terms

'Type 1 Diabetes Life Insurance'

If you are Diabetic Type One for Life Insurance, then when comparing Uk Life Insurers - we will need to fully assess your health condition first, to get you the best broker rates.

Some Insurers are better for Type 1 Diabetes Life Insurance plans than others. Any broker deal we could get you for 'diabetes type 1 life insurance', may also depend on...

  • Diabetic Control (HBA1c readings) & Medication
  • Age at diagnosis
  • Diabetic Complications eg; Retinopathy

Note: With some Insurers re 'life insurance for type 1 diabetes', by providing yearly HbA1c readings, they could reduce monthly premiums by up to 40% (This is provided your condition is improving). Alternatively, they would not increase your premiums above the original costs, if it then got worse.


Premiums here on Life Insurance Diabetes Type 1 will be severity health rated.... But don't worry we can still try to help you get a Diabetes UK Life Insurance deal.

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Give something sweet to eat or drink | Reassure them | Call 999

Type Two Diabetes

Anybody can develop Type Two Diabetes at any age, even in youth. However, type two diabetes usually occurs in middle-aged and older people.

You are far more likely to develop type 2 diabetes if you are age 45+, or perhaps have a family history of diabetes.

It also more common if you have a raised BMI KG.& associated raised blood pressure & cholesterol. As our UK waist lines expand, being overweight is also affecting people's average life expectancy in the UK.

Your chance of developing Type Two Diabetes are therefore raised by physical inactivity and a poor diet ie; this leads to certain health problems, such as high blood pressure or raised cholesterol. 

Life Insurance for Diabetic | KG BMI calculating risks

Life Insurance for Type 2 Diabetes

Some Insurers are better for Life Insurance for Type 2 diabetes deals than others. Any broker deal re 'diabetes type 2 life insurance' we could get you may also depend on...

  • Diabetic Control (HBA1c readings MOL) & any Medication if taken
  • Blood Pressure & Cholesterol
  • BMI
  • Age at diagnosis of type two diabetes
  • Diabetic Complications eg; Neuropathy

Note: It is possible for some people with type two diabetes to be accepted at normal underwritten' 'type 2 diabetes life insurance' premium rates.

This only happens if you are generally in good health with no associated diabetic complications. In other words if looking life insurance with diabetes and high blood pressure, it could be some insurers then apply rated terms.

Generally best terms for how to get Life Insurance with Diabetes as offered, they maybe for if being over age 50 when diagnosed, had it for less than 5 years, & also with good HBa1C control.

Conclusion on Diabetes UK Life Insurance

Premiums on Life Insurance Diabetes Type 2 will likely be severity health rated - as indeed will be Diabetes Type 1 and all dependant on your HBA1c / MOL control.

We recommend therefore you talk to a broker to help you shop around for best 'life insurance for diabetes type 2' or Diabetic type 1 life insurance terms.

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'Life Insurance for Diabetic' | Gestational Diabetes Signs

Gestational diabetes is a type that occurs in women only during their pregnancy (hence the name). It can cause health issues in both mother & baby. Family Genes & extra weight gains may also be factors.

Gestational diabetes signs in pregnancy may be mild eg; being just thirstier than usual or having to go wee more often.

It is often related to the hormonal changes of your body in pregnancy. This means that it makes your body less able to use insulin.

For some women, gestational diabetes symptoms pregnancy however can be none at all, which is concerning. You only find out, when being pregnancy health checked by your GP consultant.

Managing gestational diabetes signs should include following a healthy diet & being physically active. This becomes harder for some women, as their various food related pregnancy cravings kick in.

If not, you may need insulin at this time.

Life Insurance for Diabetic | Gestational Diabetes

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Premiums on Life Insurance for Gestational diabetes maybe severity health rated during pregnancy, applying a 'diabetes life insurance' premium loading.

However, for some Insurers re gestational diabetes and life insurance, once you are hopefully symptom free after pregnancy, they may be prepared to adjust your diabetic life cover premiums back to standard.

Alternatively, it maybe then best to consider another Life Insurer instead, if you have no ongoing health issues re gestational diabetes life insurance coverage.

Denied Life Insurance because of Diabetes?

Denied Life Insurance because of Diabetes?

Have you been denied life insurance because of diabetes? Can you get a good diabetes uk life insurance deal still? Does life insurance cover diabetes? Do diabetics get life insurance? These are all common questions we are asked as brokers.

If so, we recommend instead you chat to a broker who may search the UK market for best life insurance for diabetes. For example, did you just apply direct via say a Bank or Building Society nominated single insurer.

Note as mentioned, all Insurers will ask on their life insurance diabetes questionnaire if you have good or poor diabetes control or other adverse associated health problems. This will then determine as to whether can someone with diabetes get life insurance & which maybe best Insurers to approach or not.

Types of 'Diabetic Life Insurance'

There are 2 main types of Life Insurance for a Diabetic:

1] Term Insurance

Term Life Insurance is a simple plan that pays out a cash sum if you die during the fixed time period your policy runs for. The sum paid out on death stays level for family life cover or decreasing for mortgage protection. The premiums remain level whether you are near the policy beginning or end. Most plans also include free 'terminal illness' cover.

You can choose options of Lump Sums or Family Income Benefits & also if you want your diabetes term life insurance cover to be inflation proofed.

The longer the level term insurance runs, then the more expensive it costs ie; 40 years term maybe double or more the cost than 20 years, as the insurance risks are higher as you get older on say term life insurance type 1 diabetes deals.

You can take a term life insurance with diabetes plan upto age 90 if Insurers agree to underwrite acceptable terms.

2] Whole of Life Insurance

A Whole Life Insurance for diabetes policy, always pays out if you die ie; whenever (as long as you’re kept up with monthly payments). For a diabetic, this whole life insurance diabetes policy maybe the most expensive compared to term insurance, as it will always payout.

Note: Over 50's Lifecover asks no in depth medical questions. These maybe 'best life insurance for diabetics uk' choice if your diabetes is perhaps poorly controlled or you have some other adverse health risk issues.

Consider placing the life policy into trust to help avoid probate or Inheritance Tax IHT issues.

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Critical Illness Insurance Diabetes

There are only a few providers who may also consider critical illness life insurance policies for diabetics.

Critical Illness is a policy that pays out on diagnosis of specified conditions. The main 3 claim conditions in humans are for types of cancer, heart disease & stroke. So, having diabetes can then result in some of these conditions also. As such, any application will be viewed on a case by case basis. Each insurer will treat your diabetic condition differently.

Critical Illness Insurance policies nowadays don't typically payout on the diagnosis of diabetes type one, whereas in the past some old plans did.


How much is life insurance for a diabetic and looking for critical cover as well? Ordinarily this type of plan can be 4/5 times the price of standard life cover plan (if you had no diabetic health issues) due to the higher chances of claim in your lifetime [as can see in the below info graphic]

So therefore if offered terms, Premiums on critical illness insurance for diabetics will likely be very heavily health rated.

Any critical life cover diabetes terms offered are only if your diabetes is well controlled & there are no other health issues.

There also maybe exclusions applied by life insurance companies for diabetics. Get broker help if looking for critical illness 'life insurance for diabetics uk' best providers.

Life Insurance for Diabetic | Chances of making a insurance claim
*Stats changing re Covid 19 2020's

Income Protection Insurance for Diabetics

Buying Income Protection Insurance for a diabetic may be harder than for critical illness, or a 'life insurance diabetes uk' deal, as it covers a wider range of health issues.

Any application as always, will be viewed on a case by case basis. Each Insurer doing diabetes life insurance quotes will treat your diabetic condition differently.


  • For well controlled Type One Diabetics, premiums are likely to be health increased.
  • For well controlled Type Two Diabetics, premiums are also likely to be health increased.
  • There will be diabetic exclusions likely applied. If more severe Type 2 or Type 1 diabetes, then probably declined.

HBA1c for Prediabetes

Prediabetes means your blood glucose levels are higher than normal but at this stage not high enough to be diagnosed as full diabetes.

It usually occurs in some people who already have developed some insulin resistance. Or whose pancreas is making enough insulin to keep blood glucose within a normal range.

Below are some example range indicators

  • HBA1c values average range between 4.0% and 5.5% are considered generally healthy
  • HBA1c values average range between 5.6% and 6.5% are considered at higher risk for prediabetes
  • HBA1c values average range between 6.6% and above are now considered at risk for diabetes

Use the Diabetes UK | Average MOL to HBA1C Convertor

However, HbA1c as just a single measurement, may not be fully adequate to diagnose diabetes. For example, HbA1c levels are also often reported to be different depending on your race, ethnicity & family history. Age or Gender can affect this also.

Your GP can check any test results, taking into account your full medical background.

How to avoid Diabetes?

You can reduce your risk of developing type two diabetes...

By following these various helpful NHS Programme Hints in 2024 go_button_now

Diabetes UK has also produced useful information on these 3 Key Areas....

  1. Eating well
  2. Exercise more
  3. Get support to lose weight if needed

life expectancy uk calculator
Average Life Expectancy UK & Diabetes

Avoid Diabetes Food & Drinks | 'Top 9 To Avoid'

To avoid Diabetes, Food & Drink needs to be more carefully monitored. Incorrect choices can raise your blood sugar & insulin levels thus promote inflammation. To question your average life expectancy, regular incorrect food & drink may increase your risks.

People with diabetes often try to reduce their intake of white sugars, or daily 'sweetie treats'. Unfortunately, sugar is often found added by manufacturers into many regular food items, which can also cause blood sugar spikes. 

unhealthy food | life insurance for diabetic
9 Foods & Drinks | Diabetics or Pre-Diabetes should ideally try to avoid...
  1. Sugary & flavoured cold or hot drinks eg; Cola, Lemonade & Hot Chocolate
  2. Trans fats eg; Peanut Butter & Frozen Ready Meals
  3. White Bread, White Rice, Chips & White Pasta
  4. Fruity Flavoured Yoghurts
  5. Sweetened Cereals eg; Crunchy Nut, Frosties, CoCo Pops
  6. Honey, Agave Nectar, & Maple Syrup
  7. Dry Candied Fruit
  8. Fruit Juice & Smoothies
  9. Snack Foods eg; Sweets, Cakes, Crisps, Chocolates

You will notice most of these above 9 items are not naturally made, as nature intended, but processed. Anything direct from nature, is probably best. The human body is around 60% water.

Diabetes UK > have given a guide to healthy eating for those checking which Drinks & Food to avoid

We hope you have found this article helpful, with some useful hints and tips on both Diabetes and Life Insurance coverage. Looking for 'life insurance for diabetics'? Unsure which maybe best uk life insurers for a 'diabetes life insurance' deal? Get our professional broker diabetic life insurance uk advice & help.

Conclusion: Set realistic goals. Make changes part of your everyday. Get Professional Support review

Article on 'Life Insurance for a Diabetic' by Martyn Spencer Financial Adviser 2024

For reassurance re health for men & women - we review many of the best Life Insurers selling Diabetic Life Insurance in UK (inc NI)

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NOTE: This generic article on diabetes life cover also touches on various diabetic health and medical issues & information. The latest health guidance on this may change regularly re Covid 19 etc; so any article comments on diabetes UK life insurance may not always be accurate. However, we are not GP's or health professionals so always seek medical advice & latest guidance via NHS if unsure