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‘My Daddy is a Lorry Driver. He drives a Monster Sized Truck’

Why Lorry HGV Drivers need Income Insurance?

Being a HGV Lorry Driver (LGV) can be both a mentally & physically challenging choice in 2024, given the long hours often worked travelling the UK or abroad. Also, you have to contend daily with busy motorway or inner city traffic, plus still now the ongoing post Pandemic & economic challenges.

Large goods vehicle (LGV) and heavy goods vehicle (HGV) lorry drivers transport and deliver goods daily between their suppliers and their customers. This connection process is often taken for granted.

This front line job role however has been under valued & was under increasing pressure after Brexit and the Pandemic to help keep the country moving as key workers. So a big thank you. review

Let’s examine various issues of the job role & then how it may effect taking out income protection or critical illness life insurance.

lorry driver income protection
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HGV. Lorry Drivers Income Protection Insurance Quotes

‘Lorry Driver UK Salary’

The average lorry driver uk salary being upto £36k or more for experienced drivers and dependant upon location in the UK. You could be typically working from 38 to 52 hours per week, evenings, weekends and bank holidays.

However, post Brexit the news was then awash with salaries for in demand lorry drivers being touted around of over £80,000pa plus benefits.

But for Income Protection Insurance purposes, HGV Lorry drivers are considered by some Insurers to be a higher risk insurance group ie; driving lorries doesn’t require alot of daily physical activity being static and the annual mileage driven could be high.

If you are a HGV or LGV Driver, Truck Driver, Van Driver or Self-Employed Courier etc; you may not have access to any employer comprehensive sick pay arrangements.

What is the ‘Medical for HGV Drivers’ ?

The medical for HGV drivers is a medical examination test designed to ensure a lorry driver is medically fit to drive a heavy goods vehicle. The driver ‘medical for HGV’ licence health test is mandatory.

If you want to be issued an HGV driving licence, along with passing the driving test, you must have to pass your medical exam.

With the safety of both the driver and other road users at stake when the driver is behind the wheel of a big HGV lorry, everyone’s security is paramount.

A driver will have to undergo this medical exam before they are even issued their first licence. Then, every time they renew their licence, they will also have to retake any medical for HGV renewal exam assessment.

HGV Lorry Drivers Income Protection
Medical for lorry licence needed to be able to retain your HGV license

If the driver suffers from any heart related conditions, a special medical for HGV drivers (heart test) is also required before being allowed to drive the Lorry again.

The main heart conditions that are associated with lorry drivers are heart disease and heart failure, maybe due to the inactive exercise role of driving all day long.

HGV Drivers Hours Regulations & Rest Periods

After each 4.5 hours spent on the road, drivers must usually take a 45-minute break. (despite legal time breaks). It is claimed 1 in 8 drivers admitting to falling asleep at the wheel, so legal restrictions aren’t just legal, they could be are life-saving.

  • Lorry drivers can usually drive a maximum of 9 hours per day, or 10 hours twice a week
  • Night shift drivers can usually drive a maximum of 10 hours

This less active role of lorry driving, combined with the unhealthy lifestyle commonly associated with the profession, puts long-distance drivers at risk of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes and cancer, according to latest academic research.

Symptoms of heart related issues can include fainting, dizziness and even black-outs. All these could cause a driver to lose control of the vehicle, putting themselves & other road users in danger.

Lorry Drivers & Speed Limits

In 2015, the speed limit for HGV’s that weigh more than 7.5 tonnes increased from 40mph > 50mph on single carriageway roads in England and Wales. On dual carriageway roads, they also increased from 50mph > 60mph.

These new higher speed limits for lorries have reportedly caused the number of speeding HGVs to drop by 70 per cent.

Improving road safety Department for Transport (DfT) report says this has contributed to a “statistically significant” improvement to road safety on the roads it analysed in its study at that time.

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The Duel Lorry Film was the feature-length debut of Steven Spielberg

HGV Lorry Drivers Income Protection Insurance.

Are Lorry HGV Drivers entitled to Sick Pay?

If you are employed and your employer generously provides you employee sickpay terms, then check how much and for how long eg; Basic salary only paid for 2 months, 1/2 pay 2 months & then SSP.

However, if your employment contract terms are far less generous, it could mean the answer is ‘No’ (other than maybe SSP or Government Employment & Support Allowance which usually amounts to less than £100pw).

Note: SSP is usually not paid for the first 3 days that you are on sick leave. These are called ‘waiting days’ (the rules on this may change temporarily for some employees in the duration of the coronavirus pandemic). 

Agency HGV Drivers | Agency Lorry Drivers

As mentioned above, if you are a fully employed lorry driver, then your employer may provide you some sickpay terms if you are unable to work.

However, if you are an agency lorry driver or agency hgv drivers, then it is unlikely you will be entitled to receive any long term employee sickness benefits other than maybe SSP.

In this instance, you may need to look into having a back up insurance plan.

agency lorry driver sickness insurance cover
Agency Lorry Driver or Agency HGV Drivers – Sickpay Insurance >

Income Protection PHI | HGV Drivers Insurance

Typical Key Features

  • Designed to pay out 💯 100% Tax Free Income to cover lost salary/wages as a Lorry HGV Driver
  • Usually has an initial waiting or deferred / waiting period usually from 1/4/8/13/26/52 weeks 
  • Some Insurers may also not allow Lorry Drivers access to their short term waiting periods re Covid
  • PHI benefits are currently paid out tax free on claim until you return to work or plan end date
  • Insurers Plans can usually run upto state pension ages or some upto age 70
  • This Insurance for HGV drivers benefit may be level or inflation linked from outset or claim
  • Medical evidence is usually required for underwritten insurance before any terms offered
  • Cover may be based on maximum of say 50% upto 65% of your gross annual earnings
  • Waiver of Premium so you do not have to pay the premiums in claim
  • Death benefits (if included) may just mean a lump sum sufficient for funeral costs or return of some premiums

Note: Insurers will also need you to either proof of your monthly income re this hgv driver insurance (as you cannot be better off sick than well) or request that you were working more than a set numbers of hours to qualify for cover. During Pandemic 2020’s, some Insurers had also removed their shorter 1 day / 1 week deferral periods re their hgv insurance cost benefits.

2 Types of Truck Drivers Income Sick Pay Insurance

Comprehensive Income Cover

  • Covers you until you either go back to work …or maybe never go back to work
  • Protects you on an ‘own occupation basis’
  • Premiums may be fixed none-reviewable

Budget Income Cover

  • Budget cover may only payout per claim for upto say 12 | 24 | 60 months (ie; limited term)
  • Premiums may be annually age costed / 5 yearly reviewable
  • Invariably this type of plan is initially alot cheaper but will cost more in the future

Sickness Insurance For Lorry Driver | Underwriting & Health Issues

You pay a monthly premium for HGV Lorry Drivers Income Protection during the term of the policy. Cost for this lorry driver hgv insurance uk cover depends mainly on:

# Your Age – at the time you start the policy ie; older people are more likely to suffer an illness, so pay more.
# Your Gender – being male or female no longer affects rates wef 2012 via income providers.
# Your Health – at the time you start the policy. If your health is poor eg; raised BMI kg, blood pressure or cholesterol you may have to pay more, have exclusions or even be refused sickness cover.
# Your Occupation – HGV Drivers working role & mileage travelled being more likely than others to contribute towards illness
# Hobbies and lifestyle – for example, rock climbing is high risk, so you’ll pay more re average hgv insurance cost uk here.
# Smoker Status – for example, smoking makes you more likely to make a claim, so you’ll pay more than a none smoker.
# Waiting period – once you claim, there is a delay before payments start.

You can choose how long this ‘wait period’ is eg; from 4 weeks or if your employer just covers you upto 8 weeks. Also, you may have a savings net to fall back on anyway short term ?

The longer this waiting period, eg; 13 weeks, the less you pay on this for your hgv insurance quotes re sickpay.

What does Income Protection Cost?

Well, that’s the million pound question ! If you earned £30,000pa then worked for the next 35 years until retirement, you could potentially earn over £1 million gross ie; £30,000pa x 35 years [or more with any future inflation wage rises].

As such, feel free to do you own income protection quote – to then value what your HGV truck drivers income is worth to your family lifestyle and bills if off sick ?

hgv lorry drivers & income protection quotes
HGV Lorry Drivers Income Protection Quotes Online 15 secs.

Martin Lewis comments on the value of having income protection insurance.

Covid Vaccines & Life Insurance for HGV Lorry Drivers

  • Insurers may ask have you ever been hospitalised or currently tested positive with symptoms
  • If so you may have to await your full recovery and be fully OK before you can re-apply for insurance protection
  • Standard rates will apply after any self-isolation periods & assuming no other ongoing health complications
  • Any refusal to be vaccinated, will not affect consideration payment of an insurance claim
  • Receiving a COVID-19 vaccination & getting side effects Insurers say currently will be treated as any other claims

What happens when I return to Lorry driving after a claim?

  • Policy monthly claim benefits stop after you go back to normal taxi driving job, as will any premium waiver
  • The insurance plan is still active & you will continue to pay your normal usual premiums
  • Some Insurers may then pay a reduced or proportional benefit if you cannot do exactly what job you were doing before as a HGV or LGV driver
  • This takes account of any earnings loss or reduction due to your illness or injury affecting family life
  • It could be you are in a different occupation also because of your incapacity. Or have to do reduced work hours or restricted your duties.
  • Note: there is usually no limit to the number of claims you can make during your working life
HGV Lorry Drivers Income Protection & what is critical illness coverage ?
Lorry Drivers | Critical Illness & Income Protection Quotes 

HGV Lorry Drivers Income Protection Quotes in 15 Secs. Broker help.

HGV Lorry Drivers Critical Illness’ instead? 

Critical illness insurance cover pays out a tax-free sum if you are diagnosed with various life-threatening conditions eg; specified cancers, heart attack, stroke, ms etc; as listed in the insurers policy.

For some, it is a different alternative to HGV Lorry Drivers Income Protection – as it usually gives Lump Sums or Family Income Benefits style options.

But there are lots of common situations when it would not pay out. For example, if you had back problems or maybe a stress-related illness.

Additionally, not all occurrences of the critical illnesses listed are covered eg; some lesser forms / early stages of cancer maybe not covered by Insurers as Martin Lewis points out.

Note: Lifecover and critical illness cover should not be confused with terminal illness, for quoting on truck drivers health insurance.

Terminal illness benefit is usually automatically included within a life insurance policy and this means you will not survive, as you cannot be cured.

Chances of making a insurance claim | HGV Lorry Drivers Income Protection
Income Protection = Claim Chance 1 in 4 = During Working Lifetime*Stats changing re Covid

Conclusion: HGV Truck Drivers Income Protection

Ideally you should consider having both insurance plans ie; income protection & critical illness cover, if your monthly budget maybe allows for this.

Unsure about your options or for more information on this & costs – talk us about your HGV insurance brokers deals.

Article on ‘HGV Lorry Drivers Income Protection’ by Martyn Spencer Financial Adviser (2024)

For reassurance re health for men & women we review many of the best brands selling Income Protection & Life Insurance in UK (inc NI)

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